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Orcas Island Engagement - Jocinda and Keith

Their adventurous spirit and love is magnetic. Their devotion to one another is something I strive for in my own marriage. We drove around Orcas Island looking for the most engaging backdrops and breath taking scenery but truth be told - we didnt need any of it. These two frolicked in the meadows, waded past the sticker bushes, scaled up the rocky bluffs, and danced in the streets. There was nothing Jocinda and Keith weren't up for so long as they were doing it together. Keith cared for her and delicately watched over her safety as they embraced every moment of our session together. It was truly beautiful to witness. Keith and Jocinda, your love is one for the stars to shine over everyone. I truly can't wait for your wedding to be able to create and bring your floral vision to life! You deserve every detail to be executed to perfection!

Are you planning your wedding, anniversary, adventure around the world, or simply contemplating a session with you and your love – let's get in touch! We can chat about your wedding vision, the details of your love, and the journey through life together thus far or whatever moves you.

__________________________________________ Katie DeLorme is a Seattle Washington based Photographer who travels worldwide capturing astounding cultures, on her adventures, as well as weddings in Washington, Colorado, New York, Montana, Alaska, DC Metro Area, and Iceland. Her work is carefully captured using medium format film. She does so because of her love for traditions, and the way film has such a luscious feel and depth of color.

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