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An Engagement – Diablo Lake and the Setting Sun

Fearlessly, they held each other’s hand and walked to the ledge to look over. They marveled at the landscape, embracing the mountains and the golden cast, from the setting sun. Just a bit of snow left from last winter – the plants beneath, clinging to its blanket as if they wanted just a few more minutes in bed. The wind twirled through the valley sweeping and enveloping Kiley. Her hair danced as Jordan held her. It was a fun session to photograph and witness – it seemed almost as if the sky had picked them up to let them share this beautiful moment, in the whirlwind of life. Her from Washington, him from France, their love could not be kept apart. Their worlds collided and while their hearts were physically on opposite ends of the world at times, their emotional bond could not be separated. Next year they will marry, on the bluffs of Ft. Worden, with the Puget Sound splashing against their toes and Mt. Baker gracing the horizon.

Her Dress: NASTY GAL

Photo Processing and Scanning: PHOTOVISION PRINTS

Location: Diablo Lake and Diablo Lake Trail

Are you planning your wedding, elopement, anniversary, adventure around the world, or simply contemplating a session with you and your love – LET’S GET IN TOUCH! We can chat about your wedding vision, the details of your love, and the journey through life together thus far or whatever moves you.

__________________________________________ Katie DeLorme is a Seattle Washington based Photographer who travels worldwide capturing astounding cultures, on her adventures, as well as weddings in Washington, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, Montana, Alaska, DC Metro Area, and Iceland. Her work is carefully captured using film. She does so because of her love for traditions, and the way film has such a luscious feel and depth of color.

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